Emmanuel Church (URC) Normandy

Welcomes you!

Minister's Message

Graham Hoslett, our church minister, writes:

"At Emmanuel Church (URC) Normandy we seek to worship God the Father and God the Son by the power of God the Holy Spirit. We hold to the Bible as the Word of God, recognizing our great need of the Holy Spirit to speak that Word to us and hold us true to it.

We believe and know that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again from the dead to save us from our sins. We believe and know that He lives forever to pray for us and to build His church through us. He is seated at the right hand of the Father, and we delight in the certainty that brings and the forgiveness He has won for all those who trust in Him. Jesus Christ is Lord!
 We believe and know that God answers prayer, and we look for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and His empowering of us as we reach out in love to others. We do not believe that ministry is the preserve of the few but that in God’s kingdom it is the privilege of all. As such we believe that everyone is special, and that everyone has a special part to play.

At Emmanuel Church we believe that God is with us (that’s what Emmanuel means!). This humbles us, as well as fills us with joy! We do not believe that Jesus rose from the dead in order to depart from this world but to save it. We rejoice in His presence with us by the power of His Spirit whilst looking forward to the Day of His wonderful return as Judge and King.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Until that Day we want to walk in His ways, follow His teaching, become ever more like Him, and bring joy to His heart. We believe that God is good and that God is great - we long for you to know that too.”