Emmanuel Church (URC) Normandy

Welcomes you!


                  Wednesday Prayer

Praying for Normandy Village

We have been praying regularly for Normandy village, and have been praying for each road in Normandy. In 2022 we delivered prayer cards through the doors of houses in Normandy, and are offering prayer for you, for anything on your heart. All details will be treated in the strictest confidence.

In January 2024 we are starting Prayer Walking the Village - more details to follow 

                                                       Prayer Walk

Father God, we pray for the village of Normandy. We pray for all those who live here in every road and lane that make up this village. We pray that you pour out your Holy Spirit on Normandy. Give the people living here a searching heart for you Lord and open up conversations about you. 

Lord Jesus, as we walk and pray may your love and compassion flow through us and to those around us. Give us a caring heart for their lives and concerns. Give us the compassion and empathy we need to understand what those in our community are going through. Help us to love them as you do. Help us not to judge or condemn, but rather come alongside them, to offer support and to be Your hands and feet as we walk. Holy Spirit, please empower us with the perseverance we need, to continue to make you known in Normandy. Strengthen our fortitude to keep pressing on, no matter what the obstacles and challenges. Prepare our hearts and minds (and feet!) as we pray before our prayer walking starts. Make us steadfast and unwavering in our prayers for Normandy, and in our practical actions to make you known to them. Encourage us, we pray, by showing us ways our work is bearing fruit.  We thank You Lord for your inspiration and your grace to each one of us.      Amen.

If you would like prayer, please contact us via our email address contact@emmanuelchurchnormandy.co.uk, or phone our minister, Graham Hoslett, on 07748 501092.

You can also leave prayer requests on the Prayer Tree next to Emmanuel Church.

              God loves Normandy and He loves you!

If you live in the village, are feeling lonely and would like someone to pray with you, or talk to you or if you need some practical help, please do get in touch.

                         This can be a lonely time.